National Child Care

Reasons For Our Concerns

We want the Canadian government to provide at least the $5 billion for the National Child Care Program previously negotiated with the provinces and territories in 2006.

We want the government to honour the federal resolution to end poverty in Canada.

That in four years this government has still not implemented a dedicated funding plan for childcare spaces. “Choice in Childcare” was offered but as every parent knows, no spaces means no choices.

That during the 2006 election campaign our government promised to set aside $250 million and predicted the plan would create 125,000 new childcare spaces over five years, but these spaces have yet to materialize.

That supporting childcare is an investment in Canadian families. Working families desperately need affordable, quality childcare spaces. Early learning and childcare must be taken seriously.

That a report in October 2004 by the Organization for Economic Co-operation ranked Canada last among developed countries in terms of access to early learning and child care spaces and last in terms of public investment in child care. Reference.

That poverty elimination bills should be at the forefront of any recession strategy.

That an Act to Eliminate Poverty in Canada and an Act to Ensure Secure, Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing should be passed. These bills, along with the National Child Care Program will go a long way to lifting families out of poverty.  “How will history judge this, the most prosperous generation to have ever lived in Canada, if we fail to act?” Laurel Rothman, Director, Family Services Toronto

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