Our Government

Recognizing the evolving history and traditions of our highly developed parliamentary democracy, we ask the following questions:

1. Where is our Open, Transparent and Accountable Government?
-Crime Bill C-10 was rushed through parliament as an omnibus bill including nine bills jammed together.
-Several officials have resigned or been sacked
-Prorogation of Parliament avoided defeat in the Commons.
-Downtown Toronto was used for the G20 meeting.
-The supreme court’s instructions regarding Omar Khadr were ignored. 
2. Where is the dialogue with providers of humanitarian aid?
-KAIROS* had its funding cut in 2009 with no explanation.
-The International Planned Parenthood Federation received no response to their application for funding.
-Organizations report a fear of retribution for speaking out.
3. Where is access to justice for all? 
-Funding for the Court Challenges Program was eliminated. 
-Provinces are tightening access to Legal Aid.
4. When will the CBC be funded properly? 
-The 2012 Federal budget cut 10% from the CBC allocation.
-There have been several attacks on the CBC by government ministers.
-The most successful public broadcasters in Western countries have fully funded public networks.
-Broadcasting in Canada had the third lowest level of public funding of 18 Western countries in 2004.
5. When will the purchase of military hardware be tendered properly?
-Military budgets have increased dramatically over the past decade.
-65 F-35 fighter jets, 9 billion+ Need we say more!
6. Is religion affecting some government decisions?
-A number of recent initiatives closely reflect the views of the religious right. For example,
The stance on women’s right to choose.
The stance on gay/lesbian rights.
Abortion funding as part of the G8 maternal health initiative.
-A fundamentalist perspective does not serve women well.
7. Why was the long form census made voluntary?
-A voluntary form costs more.
-Much of the information will be statistically invalid.
-There will be considerable economic and social costs.
-The head of Statistics Canada, Munir Sheikh, resigned in protest.
-The Privacy Commissioner has only received a few complaints.

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